15 de noviembre 2019

Tips to survive the thanksgiving feast

The time has come to have not one, but two pieces of your aunt’s delish pumpkin pie among other amazing dishes that will make it to the Thanksgiving meal.

In anticipation, you may think that skipping breakfast to save room for a big dinner, but that would be a mistake.  Skipping meals during the day may result in overeating. Research shows that those who eat breakfast tend to consume fewer calories throughout the day. Kick start your metabolism by eating high fiber foods that will satisfy your hunger but are lower in calories.  Oatmeal and berries, scrambled eggs, whole grain toast, yogurt parfait and smoothies are high fiber choices to eat in the morning. So, by all means don’t starve! But don’t get fooled, you need to be careful not to over-indulge when you see all the amazing dishes at the table. A couple of other things can help you avoid overeating:

  • Use a smaller plate, salad plate is ideal, it’s smaller, but not that small. Try it!
  • First thing on your plate should be: vegetables and salad, FILL IT UP! Then you can take a bit of everything else that can fit in your plate
  • Eat slowly and savor every bite
  • Going for seconds? Wait 15 minutes after you eat and let your brain process what you ate

Basically, eating slowly also gives your body time to digest, potentially reducing discomfort. Eating a huge feast also recruits extra energy to your digestive system. When you put a lot of food in, your body will take extra energy to digest it and that’s when the post-dinner grogginess starts kicking, it’s not the often-cited tryptophan in turkey. 

An overstuffed stomach can push up into the diaphragm, which encroaches into the lungs’ territory. They can’t fully expand, and you get short of breath. As you scarf food and drinks (especially fizzy beverages), you swallow excess air. In addition, gut bacteria produce extra gas as they break down sugars and starches. Avoid getting an upset stomach, but if you do, there’s a few over the counter remedies like Rolaids and Kaopectate, that can relieve multiple symptoms.  The best idea after dinner is to take a stroll with your loved ones. Not only will you burn a few calories, but it gives more meaning to the Thanksgiving reunion, which is what the holiday is about.

Your lifestyle and your choice of foods can affect the way your body digests what you eat. Drinking water, adding fiber, and exercising all contribute to better digestive health.Rise to the challenge and enjoy wellness tips and discounts on your favorite wellness products. Join our rewards program and start saving!

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