13 de diciembre 2019

Good luck rituals for the new year

From rings inside pastries and champagne glasses, to roaming around with your carry-on in red underwear; good luck rituals around the world add a touch of fun to your New Year’s Eve festivity.

Who doesn’t want to get lucky and have a prosperous year? Sometimes less is more, or maybe more can bring more luck? I bet it doesn’t hurt to try!

Red & Yellow undergarments

It has to be given to you by someone else and you have to wear it during New Year’s Eve. Wearing yellow underwear is supposed to bring you wealth and prosperity, while wearing red focuses on passion and love. If you feel extra lucky you can wear both!

12 grapes at Midnight

Spaniards eat 12 grapes when the clock strikes at midnight on New Year's Eve. Each one represents the good luck for every month of the year.

Roaming around with a suitcase

Want to travel more in 2020? This ritual is for you. Grab your suitcase and walk with it on your New Year’s Eve Party, as if it was your bestie. It supposedly increases your chances of traveling more the upcoming year.

Drinking champagne with GOLD

To attract good fortune, Chileans place a gold ring in a glass of champagne and leave it there while they drink from it.

Drinking the ashes of your burn offering

Russians write down their wishes for the forthcoming year on a piece of paper, then they burn it with a candle. The ash of the paper then is mixed in a glass of champagne and for the wish to come true, all the champagne must be drunk during the 12 chimes of midnight. This is fact was tough to swallow, for sure.

9 oranges in the kitchen

In Feng Shui, oranges represent prosperity because of their resemblance to the Sun. Being the kitchen the area of the home that brings wealth and abundance, its recommended to place a bowl of 9 oranges to bring positive energy.

Cleanse the home

Some people declutter and smudge sage all over their homes to cleanse it from bad energy.

Dropping Ice Cream

Swiss people drop a scoop of ice cream on the floor at midnight to manifest abundance in the coming year. Are you team vanilla or chocolate?

Chair jumping

Make sure your feet are on the air into de New Year by standing on a chair and jumping to the ground as the clock hits midnight on New Year’s Eve. Ready to leave the bad mojo behind? Don’t forget your feet should be firmly planted to the ground.

Gifting on the first day of the year

They say that in Greece you are more likely to have a prosperous year if you receive a present on the first day of the New Year. That accompanied by a piece of Vasilopita, a cake with a coin hidden inside that will bring good fortune to the lucky person to chew on it.

12 meals

A way to ensure an abundance of food and riches in Estonia is eating from 7 to 12 meals on New Year's Eve. They say you don’t have to finish the plates. Bon Appetite!

3 potatoes

Peruvians take 3 potatoes, one peeled, one half peeled and one unpeeled. Place them under a cushion on a chair and at midnight on New Year's Eve they select one random potato.
The peeled potato means you will be poor, the half-peeled that there will be no change in your fortune and If you get the unpeeled potato, DING! DING! DING! Wealth is coming to you.

Lots of Money in your pocket

Romanians believe that you’ll start the New Year the way that you end the old one. So, in order to have a prosperous New Year, they end up the current one with their pockets full of money, money, money!

Red all over

On Chinese New Year people wear red, decorate their homes with red and give red gifts and red envelopes of money to each other to help increase wealth and ward off evil.

Lucky rice pudding

In Norway for the New Year's celebrations and to help guarantee a sweet year ahead, the tradition is to make a dessert of rice pudding with an almond hidden inside. But however, the luckiest one is the one who gets the almond in their portion.

Bread banging the walls

In Ireland they believe the homes will have money in the New Year if you bang bread on the walls and doors of their homes. That way you are getting rid of bad luck and attracting the good one.

Exchanging lucky charms

Austrians will exchange lucky charms shaped like horseshoes, four-leafed clovers, chimney sweeps and pigs on New Year’s Day, to attract good health, good luck and wealth.

Sometimes these charms are edible and made of chocolate or marzipan.

Rituals can make you feel more grounded and enhance daily routines. Don’t be afraid of opening your chances to good luck, love, travels, health and a prosperous time to come! These are just a few of many rituals around the world that you can decide to try.

We don’t know, maybe you get lucky and they become true! But better be prepared with some Zantac or Rolaids close to you in case the rice pudding or those multiple meals act up as an indigestion or heartburn. Here you might find a discount, check it out!

Have a wonderful new year full of love, health and savings! Rise to the challenge and empower your life with wellness and all that makes you happy.

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